Thursday, November 11, 2010

ideas in the bath

So in the spirit of Archimedes (though without the nudity...ok alright then, just a little bit) earlier this evening I was in a lovely warm bath and inspiration struck.

Yep, I decided to restart a blog. Now ok, yes, it isn't a solution to the UK deficit or a way to maintain global economic power structure and profit whilst also solving world hunger, but it was a fairly exciting moment for me.

So hi. Welcome to Sam's blog 2.0. Or 3.0 if I can really do a good job (in that it jumps two and becomes an even better product of an advanced age...).

If you're reading this on the blogger site - don't. Read it here. It's much prettier and the only place i'll be bothering to mess about with layout and such. Frankly blogger can be hard work and just doesn't do much aesthetically for me. However it does have a pretty great 'sign up' feature which will email you every time i post a new blog. Marvellous egh? So do sign up.

So what to expect? Political opinion, music love and adoration, random musings and probably gaps in updates. So pretty much the online version of being my friend and getting emails from me lucky (virtual..) people...

Much love to you all and to those that follow in your mighty footsteps...

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